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Nextcloud Hub 24 released

Nextcloud Hub v24 allows exporting and migrating user data, again improves communication and collaboration, and offers significant performance improvements for large installations.

Some of the improvements in detail:

  • A complete copy of one’s data can be downloaded via the data export function in the user settings. The export can also be imported to another server. This simplifies a migration to another server, a switch between individual providers or a switch from the cloud to on-premise.
  • Nextcloud Office now works with tabs and introduces a lock on documents that are currently being edited.
  • For installations with hundreds of thousands or more users, the database load is up to four times less.
  • Nextcloud Text introduces tables, infoboxes, and emoji autocompletion, among other features.
  • The new mail composer in Nextcloud Groupware offers scheduled email sending, undo-send and calendar invitations in the web UI.