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Secure Server Hosting

CIS-compliant vDC and VM hosting in Swiss T4-like data center

Whether dedicated, virtual data center (vDC) or just a few virtual machines: On request, we host and support infrastructures on our Linux-based environment in one of the most modern Swiss data centers. More than 70% of our hosting customers are from the eHealth environment – a segment where high availability and security of highly protectable data is crucial. With our Service & Support models, we offer additional operational support beyond hosting, from consulting and hands-on services to a fully managed vDC.

That’s why hosting at the Linuxfabrik: In contrast to the three large providers Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, DSGVO-compliant operation is possible with us, and we also take care of everything necessary when setting up servers, networks, IP addresses, load balancers, etc. We do not charge per MByte for the transferred data volume (“traffic”) – so with us it is easy to estimate what costs will be incurred at the end of the month.

The virtual machines are set up in accordance with the highest security standards, CIS-compliant, symmetrically connected to the Internet, operated with high availability if required and managed by us down to the application level as agreed. The VMs are hosted in our own private clouds (vDC) or in the shared hosting area of our virtualization infrastructure. Billing is based on resource consumption (CPU, RAM, disk, public IP addresses), to the nearest 15 minutes and on a monthly basis.

The data center is built according to the Tier IV standard, which sets the highest standards for performance, security, availability and energy efficiency. It has multiple certifications and is operated according to ISO 27001, the comprehensive standard for information security, and ISO 50001, the standard for energy management.

We are a member of RIPE with our own IP address space and autonomous system (AS204823).

At a glance: The Linux Factory as a secure hosting provider

  • Linuxfabrik GmbH, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Data center locations: Lupfig (Switzerland)
  • max. vCores per VM: 30
  • max. RAM per VM: 700 GB
  • max. disk space per VM: 20 TB
  • max. number of VMs: unlimited
  • IP traffic (external): unlimited (1 GBit/s shared)
  • Operating systems: RHEL 7+ and compatible, Fedora Server (latest version), Windows Server 2019 (fee required)
  • Security profiles: CIS compliance
  • IPv4 addresses: on demand (chargeable)
  • IPv6 addresses: beta
  • API: no
  • Administration: managed hosting; administration via Ansible by the Linuxfabrik; customer administration possible from OS level onwards
  • Administration via Terraform: no
  • Load balancer: on demand (through additional, chargeable VMs)
  • Backup space: yes (with costs)
  • Availability VMs (SLA): 99.5% p.A.
  • Resource change without reboot: yes (but reboot is recommended)
  • VM freeze: yes (only by the Linux factory)
  • Clone VM: yes (only by the Linux factory)
  • Cost brake: no
  • Payment method: invoice
  • payment interval: monthly
  • Billing cycle for resources: every 15 minutes or part thereof
  • cancellation period: 1 month
  • Minimum contract period: none
  • Setup costs (one-time): according to effort, hourly rate
  • Simple Pricing
Price examples, per month
  • 1 vCore + 1 GB RAM + 20 GB HDD, IPv4 address: 48.60 CHF (without backup)
  • 4 vCore + 4 GB RAM + 100 GB HDD, IPv4 address: 166.40 CHF (without backup)
  • 6 vCore + 24 GB RAM + 10 GB HDD, IPv4 address: 388.45 CHF (without backup)

Infrastructure features

  • Infrastructure availability (SLA): 99.9%
  • High Availability and Load Balancing on hardware/hypervisor level
  • Hardware basis: Supermicro Barebones, Customized by Linuxfabrik
  • Performance-optimized hypervisor, up to 4.0 GHz clock speed
  • Virtualization solution: oVirt
  • Storage: GlusterFS with triple redundancy
  • Network: Internal networking with min. 10 Gbps
  • vDC: private network between VMs
  • Monitoring: Icinga2
  • File backup: Borg, Duplicati
  • File backup retention: hourly 99h and daily 90d into the past, deduplicated (example if private cloud is chosen)

Datacenter performance features

  • Data center availability (SLA): 99.99% (power / temperature / humidity)
  • Information Security ISO 27001:2013-certified by SQS and IQNet
  • Energy Management ISO 50001:2011-certified by SQS and IQNet
  • FINMA and ISAE 3402 compliance
  • Security personnel on site around the clock, separate personnel and goods locks
  • Surveillance cameras inside and outside with constant recording
  • Separation systems with badge and PIN code control and palm vein scanners
  • Fully redundant 40 megawatt power supply (guaranteed supply) from two different substations
  • Multiple diesel generators, 95,000 liter diesel tank, self-sufficient emergency power for 7 days
  • 7 independent fiber optic feeds, more than 50 carriers
  • Early fire detection system (VESDA), redundant fire extinguishing systems (nitrogen), redundant cooling systems
  • Cold aisle principle for maximum energy efficiency with a PUE of 1.19

All data valid as of 2021-09-30.