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Nextcloud for Teams

Virtual Private Instance with Admin Account for Team Collaboration

Our open source Nextcloud solution gives you everything you need to keep your data up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.

Your Cloud

Your own private clouds, made simple. With Nextcloud for Teams, you can store, share and access your files, contacts and calendars from anywhere, on any device. Our setup is based on the latest security standards, so you can focus on your work without worrying about the technical details.

Your data

You can upload and share your files from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also receive and edit files from other people. Nextcloud also lets you manage your contacts and calendar to stay organised.

Our responsibility

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of managing your own server. Nextcloud for teams provides a fully managed and secure solution for storing and sharing data. With Nextcloud, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

500 GB

Nextcloud for Teams
from CHF 80 Monthly
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Installation, monitoring, updates and desaster recovery backups managed by Linuxfabrik
  • 10x User included
  • Service & Support: Dedicated chat room
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • one-time setup costs: 160 CHF
  • Payment by invoice, credit card or Twint

1000 GB

Nextcloud for Teams
from CHF 120 Monthly
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Installation, monitoring, updates and desaster recovery backups managed by Linuxfabrik
  • 10x User included
  • Service & Support: Dedicated chat room
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • one-time setup costs: 160 CHF
  • Payment by invoice, credit card or Twint

2000 GB

Nextcloud for Teams
from CHF 200 Monthly
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Installation, monitoring, updates and desaster recovery backups managed by Linuxfabrik
  • 10x User included
  • Service & Support: Dedicated chat room
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • one-time setup costs: 160 CHF
  • Payment by invoice, credit card or Twint

3000 GB

Nextcloud for Teams
from CHF 280 Monthly
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Installation, monitoring, updates and desaster recovery backups managed by Linuxfabrik
  • 10x User included
  • Service & Support: Dedicated chat room
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • one-time setup costs: 160 CHF
  • Payment by invoice, credit card or Twint

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all file formats supported by Nextcloud when syncing?

We have not configured any file filters on the servers, so yes. However, most sync clients do filter temporary files during sync, such as those that occur when coding in an IDE. But the filters can usually be configured.

Are there problems with the path length under Windows?

The Nextcloud client under Windows works with a maximum of 260 characters for path and file names. For example, if you remove the usual length restriction of 255 characters under Windows 10 and NTFS, you must expect that files will not be synchronised.

Can external storage be mounted (Dropbox, S3)?

Nextcloud for single users: Yes. The following external storages can be included: FTP, WebDAV, Nextcloud, SFTP, Amazon S3, OpenStack Object Storage, SMB / CIFS.

Nextcloud for teams: Yes.

Can I share a file storage with others?

Yes, you can share your documents with other users in the system or externally via email. If the other user also has an account on our platform, the shares are displayed embedded in their directory structure – so there is a kind of shared view of the documents, but everyone still owns their own files. When sharing, you can choose how far the share should go (e.g. whether the user should also be able to edit and delete the file). Of course, sharing can be revoked at any time.

Do the support contracts apply to the Nextcloud offerings?

Our service models apply to a concluded service contract, and then e.g.

    • a Nextcloud for team instance
    • or also for the support of Linux machines or data centre infrastructures at the customer (on-premise) – this can then also be Nextcloud again.
    • Does personal use mean that I cannot create a guest user to share?

      “Personal use” means that you can use the system for yourself and cannot create users in the system – sharing to email addresses is possible.

      For the last few days I have been unable to sync via my Nextcloud desktop client. I have tried several times to recreate the sync and each time I get the same error message ‘”412 Precondition failed” on “PUT https://…”‘

      This looks like the following problem:

      Unfortunately, the current solution in the ticket does not work yet, i.e. we still have to wait for a proper solution. As a workaround, you can use an older version of the Nextcloud client, e.g. v3.9.4.

      How can I allow others to upload files to my account?

      In the web interface: create folder, click on the “Sharing” icon, activate “Share link” function and use “Copy URL”. In the clipboard is the link that others need to upload.

      I have deleted a folder – how can I restore it?

      Simply log in to the Nextcloud web interface and get the folders and files from the trash.

      I want to discontinue my service, how do i do that?

      Go to, login and cancel your account there.

      In the privacy settings of my account, under the item “Who has access to your data?” it says “Administrators”. What does that mean?

      The Nextcloud server can inspect the uploaded data (and thus make it searchable, for example) because it is unencrypted on our servers. This would also allow the Nextcloud administrators of the Linuxfabrik to view the data – which we do not do, of course. Anyone who does not trust this should only synchronise data that is already encrypted locally.

      Is a mail client integrated in the web interface?

      Yes, a simple mail client is installed. After you have entered your access data to your mail providers, you can send and receive mails via the Nextcloud web interface. We support IMAP and SMTP with STARTTLS and SSL/TLS. However, you must already have a mail account. If you have files in Nextcloud, you can also add them as attachments to your mails.

      Is Collabora Online Office or OnlyOffice integrated?

      For Nextcloud Hub 18, we briefly relied on OnlyOffice, but have since reinstalled Collabora (CODE). See also our blog post.

      Nextcloud for personal use: We run our own Collabora server based on the Community Edition. In Nextcloud, the Collabora app is configured to use our Collabora server. This allows Office documents to be edited directly in the Nextcloud web session. This works up to a maximum of 10 simultaneously opened documents and 20 simultaneous connections (across all users).

      Nextcloud for Teams: Each instance receives its own Collabora server in the Community Edition. An upgrade to the paid version is possible.

      Is it possible to get SSH access and set up custom cronjobs?

      No, not with any of our Nextcloud offerings.

      Is it possible to install Nextcloud apps? Are there multi-user instances with extended rights?

      Nextcloud for individual users: No, the users lack the rights here. However, after testing, we would install additional apps for all if there were no objections for reasons of security, performance or stability.

      Nextcloud for teams: App installation and creation of additional users is possible at any time.

      Is it possible to use your own domain for the package, or do you get a subdomain? What is this domain?

      Nextcloud for individual users: The domains under which our offer runs are fixed at Of course, you can work with your own DNS entry of the type “CNAME RR” and thus assign a more suitable alias.

      Nextcloud for teams: Having your own domain is no problem at all. Alternatively, we can run the offer as a subdomain under

      Is the latest version of Nextcloud being used?

      Yes – but possibly with a time delay, depending on the scope of the changes. On the one hand, it may be that a new version is already available on the Nextcloud download page, but that it only ends up in the official update channels later. On the other hand, we check every new version before it is rolled out in our Nextcloud infrastructure.

      For Nextcloud for Teams, we use the Enterprise version, these are released a bit later each time.

      Is the web interface available in German, English, French and Italian?

      Yes – and in a few more languages, such as Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, etc.

      Is there also support at weekends or on holidays for urgent cases?

      Nextcloud for personal use: No.
      Nextcloud for teams: Yes.

      For private customers this is not guaranteed. Of course, we still keep an eye on the general availability of our services. Alternatively, we would become active at an increased hourly rate.

      Is there support and help with the set-up?

      Nextcloud for single users: After ordering, you receive all the necessary access data to set up your Nextcloud account and Nextcloud clients yourself. Free help is not guaranteed, it depends on our workload and the expected effort. As a rule, we do not offer end-user support.

      Nextcloud for Teams: You get your own support room in our chat system.

      Is two-factor authentication (2FA) supported?

      Yes, you can decide in your personal settings under “Security” which method you want to activate or not. Be supported

      Which method to choose depends on your personal taste, your own sense of security and of course the possibilities – we cannot and do not want to make a recommendation here.

      Please note that after activation every accessing client must also support 2FA. If not, you have to set up an app password for each client (this is also done under “Security”).

      Another hint: Be sure to create “second-factor backup codes” (also found under “Security”) in case the 2nd-factor device gets lost, stolen, broken or similar.

      My client no longer syncs.

      This can have several causes. Check the “Activity Log” of the Nextcloud client first to see why it could not synchronize. Maybe a folder is larger than the Nextcloud client allows in its settings, the folder is hidden or the path specification is longer than 255 characters under Windows.

      What can also help: Delete the account in the Nextcloud client and create a new one. The local files will be preserved.

      My Linux client brings the message “inotify_add_watch … No space left on device”

      Increase the number of inotify watches. Under RHEL/CentOS/Fedora this is 8192 by default; the increase is done as follows with root privileges:

      echo 'fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 32678' >> /etc/sysctl.conf
      sysctl -p

      Our Nextcloud offers in comparison

      Which Nextcloud offerings do we currently offer? What features do they offer, what distinguishes them, how do they differ? An inventory.

      Nextcloud for personal use: A Nextcloud account with 100 to 500 GB of storage space, without admin rights, without end-to-end encryption (E2E).

      Nextcloud for teams: A dedicated Nextcloud instance plus admin account, where you enjoy all the freedoms of Nextcloud administration autonomously, without having to consult us for it. Plus official 3rd level support from Nextcloud GmbH.

      How do the offerings differ in detail? The comparison.

      ProductNextcloud for personal useNextcloud for Teams
      Storage capacity100 / 200 / 500 GB500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 GB
      Max. upload size10 GBcustomizable
      Setup fee0 CHF160 CHF
      Monthly costs10 / 18 / 39 CHFab 80 / 120 / 200 / 280 CHF
      3rd-level support by Nextcloud GmbH 
      TypeShared Instanceown instance
      Latest stable version
      Number of users1unlimited
      Admin access 
      – Custom apps possible 
      – Custom branding possible 
      – Server-side encryption (SSE)customizable
      – End-to-end encryption (E2E) customizable
      – Two-factor authenticationcustomizable
      SSH access  
      Collabora Online integration
      Customizing possible (e.g. AD integration) 
      Custom domain 
      Server locationSwitzerlandSwitzerland
      Cancellableanytime12-month minimum contract term, then cancellable on a monthly basis

      We are a club and don’t want to afford a dedicated Nextcloud instance. Can everyone log in with the same user to share a few files and the calendar?

      Technologically, this is possible, yes.

      What happens if a file is edited simultaneously via Collabora and locally with the Nextcloud client?

      The default behaviour is that the local changes are preserved and the changes from Collabora are discarded.

      If the Temporary files lock app is installed, the behaviour changes: As soon as the file is saved locally, an error message appears in the Nextcloud client because the file is “locked” – until the file is closed in Collabora. Then a typical sync conflict occurs, the local adjustments are rejected by the server and stored locally in a “conflicted copy”. The adjustments from Collabora end up in the original file.

      What is the backup strategy?

      Up to 50% of your quota is used for versioning your files. Additionally there is a recycle bin – up to the limit of your quota.

      When do the updates take place? Is there an outage?

      The maintenance window is for all instances every Monday evening from 21:30 (CET) and lasts in most cases a few minutes. The data is available locally at all times, but there may be short interruptions during synchronization.

      Which 2FA login do you recommend if you want a high level of security?

      FreeOTP as an app on mobile. FreeOTP supports higher coding levels than the Google Authenticator app, for example. A software token is also more flexible than hardware-based solutions like Yubikey & Co. Of course, this depends on your own requirements.

      You have questions about Nextcloud?