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About Linuxfabrik GmbH

We are a Swiss company founded in 2016 and based in Zurich. Our employees are highly specialized and support companies and organizations in the implementation of Linux and Open Source projects and the operation of the corresponding infrastructures. Our experience is based on many years of work in the automotive industry, telecommunications and medical informatics.

Our Vision

We want to share our passion for Linux and Open Source to create efficient and secure infrastructures and applications without borders.

Our Mission

We create and support IT solutions based on Open Source that are optimally tailored to the needs of our customers. We translate technically sophisticated concepts into an easy-to-use form without losing sight of the end-user perspective. We never let our customers down – that is our motivation and our goal.

To live up to our own standards, our team is highly educated, informed, certified, and constantly learning. If we don't know something, we invest the time to learn it. We work exclusively with open source software. We give development back to the community.

Our principles are:

  • Open Source first.
  • Security by design.
  • Everything from one source.

What a GPT Model says about us

We think: to the point and nicely summarized. We couldn't have done it better:

Linuxfabrik is a company specializing in services and solutions related to Linux and open source software. Services typically include consulting, training, system integration, support and maintenance for various Linux distributions and open source applications. Linuxfabrik's goal is to help companies and organizations realize the benefits of open source software, such as cost savings, flexibility and access to innovation.

Services range from the installation and configuration of Linux servers to the optimization of existing systems and the development of customized software solutions. Linuxfabrik works with a variety of technologies and products, including well-known names such as Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu and various other open source projects and tools.

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