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Release "2024060401" plus "2024052901" – What's new?

Graylog 6.0 is available. Under the hood, the new version requires the following software components:

  • OpenSearch 1.1.x to 2.13.x (alternatively and unchanged: Elasticsearch 7.10.2)
  • MongoDB 5.0.7 to 7.x

Due to the liblzma events since 29.03.2024, we were asked in a GitHub issue which versions of the liblzma library are used in our packages as well as the zip and tarballs.

The characters \ / : ? * " < > | as well as leading and trailing spaces in file and directory names are generally problematic and cannot be used at all on some systems, e.g. the question mark on Windows.

Like last year we will be present at the (new) Icinga Summit in Berlin: On the second day we offer the workshop Write your own monitoring plugin in Python using the Linuxfabrik Libraries.

Let's Encrypt issues RSA certificates through two CA chains: the ISRG Root X1 chain and the ISRG Root X1 chain cross-signed by IdenTrust's vDST Root CA X3. The cross-signed chain ensures a high level of trust in Let's Encrypt certificates from the start.

It was time again for a new website with a fundamental change in technology: Instead of WordPress, we now use Grav to bring content (maintained in the editor via Markdown) online with a CI/CD pipeline. Finally. 😉

In addition to day-to-day business, 2023 was marked by increased participation in events, new partnerships and strong developments in the area of Monitoring Plugins and LFOps.

Our Open Source Quartet is back, now for 2024 – with new cards.

Release "2023112901" now contains over 200 monitoring plugins. What's new?

This primarily bugfixing release offers more than 130 plugins, 100 of which can be executed as EXE files under Windows.

On June 30, 2024, CentOS Linux 7® will reach End of Life (EOL). We know what that means for your existing systems.

In a small but nice setting our "Linuxfabrik Partner Event 2023" ended on 05.09.2023. Our customers and partners were invited.

We have been a Red Hat Solution Provider (SP) for several years. As a Red Hat Solution Provider, we offer Red Hat products and develop customized solutions based on them.

Markus Frei presents the Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins at the Icinga Camp in Berlin 2023.

This release currently includes nearly 200 monitoring plugins.

This year we have been elected Contribution Tinkerer by the Icinga community with our Linuxfabrik monitoring plugins. You can find the details here. Thank you! 🙂

The Linuxfabrik has entered into a new business partnership with Graylog GmbH. Graylog Enterprise is the industry standard for IT Logging & Security and as a Graylog partner we offer all subscriptions that fit your environment.

For customers using Icinga for infrastructure monitoring: Icinga GmbH changed its business model a few weeks ago and put rpm packages for RHEL 8+, Amazon Linux and Suse Linux based operating systems behind a paywall. Access to the update repositories is now only available with an Icinga Repository Subscription. A paid Icinga Repository Subscription is required for 20 VMs or more, until then a free Developer Subscription is sufficient.

You can get them here.

GNU/Linux.ch is a team of volunteer writers and podcasters who write and talk about GNU/Linux and everything related to it.

LFOps – our Ansible collection of roles, playbooks and plugins for managing Linux-based cloud infrastructures – has been released in version 2.0. What has changed since version 1.1?

We are often asked what we think of Hetzner as a Cloud Provider.

Nice Icinga blog post about our Icinga Setup at SwissTPH company (where our Linuxfabrik Monitoring-Plugins are also used).

The year 2022 has kept us busy. Many "internal" projects have kept us busy this year: