Software, Tools and Techniques

Many years of experience with open source software have made us proven specialists in the installation, configuration and operation of a wide range of business-critical, vendor-independent software.

Linuxfabrik's Open Source Portfolio

We prefer to focus on upstream projects from the Red Hat environment. Examples: Rocky, Alma or CentOS Stream versus RHEL, FreeIPA versus Red Hat Identity Manager, oVirt versus RHEV, GlusterFS versus Red Hat Storage Server, AWX versus Ansible Tower, WildFly versus JBoss EAP, etc.

A selection of topics we have worked on intensively over the last twelve months:

Alma Linux, Ansible, Apache Guacamole, Apache httpd, Bash, BigBlueButton, BIND, Borg, CentOS, CIS, Collabora Office, Debian, Django, Docker, DRBD, duplicity, Elasticsearch, Fail2ban, Fedora, fpm, FreeIPA, GitLab, GlusterFS, Grafana, Graylog, HAProxy, Icinga, InfluxDB, iptables, Jitsi, Keycloak, KVM, Let's Encrypt, LibreNMS, LibreOffice, MariaDB und MariaDB ColumnStore, Matomo, Metabase, mod_security, MongoDB, MySQL, Nextcloud, NodeBB, NTP, OnlyOffice, OpenSearch, OpenVAS, OpenVPN, oVirt, OWASP, Paperless-ngx, PHP, Postfix, Python, Redis, restic, RHEL, Rocket.Chat, Rocky Linux, RPM, SecureDrop, SELinux, SSH, Syslog, Tomcat, Ubuntu, Vagrant, WildFly, XCA

A selection of other systems, technologies and frameworks we have come in contact with, can help you with, support and recommend:

389 DS, Asterisk, Bacchus, Bacula, Bareos, Bootstrap, Contao, Davmail, Dovecot, Galera, Graphite, Hashicorp Terraform, Hashicorp Vault, JBoss, Nagios, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, RHEV, Roundcube, Spacewalk, SUSE, Varnish, Whisper, Wikimedia, ZFS

Need support for an open source software, platform or environment not listed here? The list is not exhaustive and is constantly changing.

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