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Our Responsibility

We don't need to explain Nextcloud to you here, it's explained in detail on the Nextcloud page. We simply make sure that your data is in good hands and that you can save yourself the valuable time and effort of managing your own Nextcloud server.

With "Nextcloud for Individual Use" you get a user account with 100 to 500 GB storage, a fast connection and a variety of applications, without admin rights and without end-to-end encryption (E2E).


Nextcloud for Individual Use - Subscriptions

The subscriptions only differ in terms of storage and price. Supported payment methods are PayPal, credit card, TWINT, PostFinance E-Finance, PostFinance Card and PostFinance Pay.


10 CHF per month
(or 96 CHF per year)

  • 100 GB Storage
  • Nextcloud Hub
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Collabora Online
  • Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)
  • Hosted in Switzerland


18 CHF per month
(or 180 CHF per year)

  • 200 GB Storage
  • Nextcloud Hub
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Collabora Online
  • Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)
  • Hosted in Switzerland


39 CHF per month
(or 420 CHF per year)

  • 500 GB Storage
  • Nextcloud Hub
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Collabora Online
  • Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)
  • Hosted in Switzerland



  • Individuals (home or business)
  • Number of users: 1


  • URL:
  • Two-factor authentication: ✓
  • Collabora Online Integration: ✓
  • Daily backups: ✓
  • Version: Latest stable version


  • Type: Shared Instance
  • Server Location: Switzerland
  • Provider: Infomaniak
  • Disk space: 100 / 200 / 500 GB
  • Maximum upload size: 10 GB

Subscription and costs:

  • Setup fee: 0 CHF
  • Monthly costs: 10 / 18 / 39 CHF
  • Cancellation: At any time (monthly)
  • Support: via ticket


  • Admin access: no
  • Own applications possible: no
  • Own branding possible: no
  • End-to-end encryption (E2E): no
  • SSH access: no
  • Customization possible (e.g. AD connection): no

Apps as of 2024-01:

  • Appointments
  • Bookmarks
  • Brute-force settings
  • Calendar
  • Checksum
  • Circles
  • Comments
  • Configurable Share Links
  • Contacts
  • Contacts Interaction
  • Custom menu
  • Dashboard
  • Deck
  • Deleted files
  • Dropbox integration
  • External sites
  • External storage support
  • Federation
  • File reminders
  • File sharing
  • Forms
  • Google integration
  • Keeweb
  • Log Reader
  • Mail
  • Markdown Editor
  • Metadata
  • Monitoring
  • Music
  • News
  • Nextcloud announcements
  • Nextcloud Office
  • Notes
  • Notifications
  • Passman
  • Password policy
  • PDF viewer
  • Photos
  • Plain text editor
  • Polls
  • Privacy
  • QOwnNotesAPI
  • Quota warning
  • Recommendations
  • Related Resources
  • Right click
  • Share by mail
  • Social sharing via Diaspora
  • Social sharing via email
  • Social sharing via Facebook
  • Social sharing via Twitter
  • Splash
  • Support
  • Suspicious Login
  • Talk
  • Tasks
  • Text
  • TimeManager
  • Two-Factor TOTP Provider
  • Update notification
  • User account deletion
  • Versions
  • Weather status

Questions? We are happy to answer them.

Product and Services

Q: Where can I cancel my service?

A: Go to, log in, select the product and click "Cancel".

Q: Is the Nextcloud Web Interface available in English, French, German and Italian?

A: Yes - and in several other languages such as Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, etc.

Q: Is it possible to install Nextcloud applications?

A: No, users do not have the rights to do so. However, we would install additional applications for everyone upon request (ticket or email) and after testing, if there is no reason not to for security, performance and stability reasons.

Q: Does "single user" mean that I cannot create a guest user for sharing?

A: "Single user" means that you can use the system for yourself. You cannot create other users on the system. Sharing to email addresses is possible.

Q: Are there multi-user instances with extended rights?

A: Not as of 2024-01, no.

Q: Can I share files with others?

A: Yes, you can share your documents with other users in the system or externally via email. If the other user also has an account on our platform, the shares will appear embedded in their directory structure - so there is a kind of shared view of the documents, but everyone still has their own files. When sharing, you can choose how far the sharing should go (e.g. whether the user should also be able to edit and delete the file). Of course, sharing can be revoked at any time.

Q: How do I allow others to upload files to my account?

A: Create a folder in the web interface, click on the "Share" icon, activate the "Share link" function and use "Copy URL". The link that others need to upload will be in the clipboard.

Q: Are all file formats supported by Nextcloud for synchronization?

A: We have no file filters configured on the servers, so yes. However, most sync clients filter temporary files during sync, such as those created while coding in an IDE. However, the filters can usually be configured.

Q: Is Collabora Online Office or OnlyOffice integrated?

A: We briefly used OnlyOffice for Nextcloud Hub 18, but have since switched back to Collabora. We run our own Collabora server based on the Community Edition (CODE). In Nextcloud, the Collabora application is configured to use our Collabora server. This allows Office documents to be edited directly in the Nextcloud web session. This works up to a maximum of ten documents open at the same time and twenty simultaneous connections, counted across all users.

Q: Is there an integrated mail client in the web interface?

A: Yes, a basic mail client is installed. After entering your credentials for your mail provider, you can send and receive mails via the Nextcloud web interface. We support IMAP and SMTP with STARTTLS and SSL/TLS. However, you must already have a mail account. If you have files in Nextcloud, you can also attach them to your emails.

Q: What is the backup ratio?

A: Up to 50% of your quota is used for versioning your files. In addition, there is a recycle bin in the Nextcloud Web GUI - up to the limit of your quota. If you delete files in the Nextcloud recycle bin, they can't be restored.

You need to keep your own backup of your files.

Q: We are a club and do not want to afford a dedicated Nextcloud instance. Can everyone log in with the same user to share some files and the calendar?

A: It is technically possible, yes.

Q: Will the latest version of Nextcloud be used?

A: Yes, but possibly with a delay, depending on the extent of the changes. On the one hand, a new version may already be available on the Nextcloud download page, but it may not reach the official update channels until later. On the other hand, we review every new version before it is rolled out in our Nextcloud infrastructure.

Security and Privacy

Q: In the privacy settings of my account, under "Who has access to your data?" it says "Administrators". What does this mean?

A: In order to offer a wide range of technologies and services, the uploaded data is stored on our servers uncrypted. For example, Nextcloud can inspect the uploaded data and make it searchable. However, this would also allow us Linuxfabrik administrators to view the data - which of course we do not do. If you still don't trust this, you should only synchronize data that is already encrypted locally.

Q: When will the updates take place? Will there be an outage?

A: The maintenance window for all instances is on Monday evenings from 21:30 (CET) and usually lasts a few minutes. The data is available locally at all times, but there may be brief interruptions during synchronization. You can check the security and patch status at

Q: Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) supported?

A: Yes. You can choose which method to enable or not in your personal settings under "Security". Supported are:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP)
  • Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2/WebAuthn)

Which method you choose depends on your personal taste, your own sense of security, and, of course, what is available. We cannot and will not make a recommendation here.

Please note that every accessing client must support 2FA after activation. If not, you will need to set up an application password for each client (this is also set up in "Security").

Another note: In the case of TOTP, be sure to create "backup codes" in case the 2nd factor device is lost, stolen, broken, etc. (also found under "Security").

Q: Which 2FA login do you recommend if you want a high level of security?

A: FreeOTP as a mobile app. FreeOTP supports higher levels of encryption than the Google Authenticator app, for example. A software token is also more flexible than hardware based solutions like Yubikey & Co. Of course, this depends on your own requirements.

Service & Support

Q: Is there any support or help with setup?

A: No. After ordering, you will receive all necessary credentials to set up your Nextcloud account and Nextcloud clients yourself.

Q: Is there support on weekends or holidays for urgent cases?

A: No. Of course we keep an eye on the general availability of our services.

Q: Do your Service & Support Models also apply to "Nextcloud for Individual Use"?

A: No.


Q: I deleted a folder. How can I restore it?

A: Just log in to the Nextcloud Web Interface and retrieve the folders and files from the recycle bin.

Q: My client no longer syncs.

A: This can happen for several reasons. First check the "Activity Log" of the Nextcloud client to find out why it could not synchronize. Maybe a folder is larger than the Nextcloud client settings allow, the folder is hidden, or the path is longer than 255 characters on Windows.

This may also help: Delete the account in the Nextcloud client and create a new one. The local files will be preserved.

Q: My Linux client shows the message "inotify_add_watch ... No space left on device".

A: Increase the number of inotify watches. On RHEL/CentOS/Fedora this is 8192 by default; increase it with root privileges as follows

echo 'fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 32678' >> /etc/sysctl.conf
sysctl -p

Q: Are there path length issues on Windows?

A: The Nextcloud client on Windows works with a maximum of 260 characters for path and file names. For example, if you remove the usual 255 character limit on Windows 10 and NTFS, you may not be able to synchronize files.

Q: Is it possible to use my own domain for the package or do I get a subdomain? What is this domain?

A: Not directly. The domains under which our offer runs are fixed You can of course use your own DNS entry of the type "CNAME RR" and assign an alias.

Q: What happens if a file is simultaneously edited via Collabora and locally with the Nextcloud client?

A: The default behavior is to keep the local changes and discard the Collabora changes.

Q: Is it possible to mount external storage (Dropbox, S3)?

A: Yes, you can. The following external storages can be integrated:

  • Amazon S3
  • FTP
  • Nextcloud
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • SFTP
  • SMB / CIFS
  • WebDAV

Q: Is it possible to get SSH access and set up my own cron jobs?

A: No.

Terms of use for "Nextcloud for Individual Use"

1. Area of Application

These "Nextcloud Terms of Use for Individual Users" (hereinafter "Terms of Use") shall apply to the "Nextcloud for Individual Users" service of Linuxfabrik GmbH (hereinafter "Linuxfabrik") and shall apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions for Services of Linuxfabrik (hereinafter "GTC") and the General Privacy Policy of Linuxfabrik (PP). By using "Nextcloud for Individual Users", the customer agrees to the Terms of Use, the GTC and the PP.

"Nextcloud for Individual Use" is permitted for private as well as commercial use.

2. Services of Linuxfabrik

2.1 General

With "Nextcloud for Individual Use", Linuxfabrik enables the customer to securely store photos, video clips and documents (hereinafter collectively referred to as "files") in Switzerland.

Using a mobile application (iOS or Android), a web browser or a PC/Mac application, the customer can store files in the cloud on Linuxfabrik servers in Switzerland and access them from all compatible end devices.

With the Nextcloud desktop software, the file synchronization services of "Nextcloud for Individual Use" can also be used on the computer.

The files can be easily organized and shared. The customer can delete files or their "Nextcloud for Individual Use" account on and at any time.

2.2 Product characteristics / storage space

"Nextcloud for Individual Use" is offered in different sizes in terms of storage space. Details can be found here.

2.3 Availability

Linuxfabrik ensures that the connection to the nearest Internet node has a state-of-the-art bandwidth so that the highest possible data transfer speed is achieved for users.

Servers and services are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an annual average availability of 99%. This excludes downtimes due to maintenance and software updates as well as times during which the web server cannot be reached via the Internet due to technical or other problems beyond Linuxfabrik's control (force majeure, fault of third parties, DoS, etc.). If it is foreseeable for Linuxfabrik that downtimes for maintenance and software updates will last longer than 24 hours, Linuxfabrik will inform the customer at least one day before the start of the respective work.

2.4 Exceeding the subscribed storage volume

If the uploaded / used storage space volume reaches that of the currently used "Nextcloud for Individual Use" variant, there may be restrictions in use (e.g. uploading new data is no longer possible) until the volume corresponds to the permitted amount again (e.g. by deletion of data by the customer) or another edition with more or sufficient storage has been ordered. Linuxfabrik does not delete any customer data.

3. Obligations of the Customer

3.1 Prerequisites

The minimum requirement for using "Nextcloud for Individual Use" is an internet-enabled device. Information on supported operating systems can be found on this website.

3.2 Nextcloud App

If the customer purchases the service in the App Store, on Google Play or from another online provider as an application, he/she confirms with the purchase that he/she also accepts all legal provisions regarding the purchase of an application from the relevant provider (e.g. App Store, Google Play).

With regard to the use of the downloaded Nextcloud app, a contractual relationship is only established between the customer and Linuxfabrik. The customer hereby grants the relevant app store (App Store, Google Play) the right to enforce the provisions of this service description in court if necessary, despite the absence of a contractual agreement between the customer and the online provider in relation to the app obtained.

3.3 Legal and contractually compliant use

The customer is responsible for using the service in accordance with the law and the contract. In addition to the GTC, the sharing of illegal or immoral content of any kind (e.g. third-party intellectual property rights without a corresponding legal or contractual basis, content infringing personal rights, content prohibited under criminal law and the like) shall also be deemed to be in breach of the law or the contract.

3.4 Data Backup

The customer is responsible for backing up his data, unless this is expressly part of Linuxfabrik's service. This includes in particular the backup of data to be maintained by Linuxfabrik. If Linuxfabrik creates a backup of the data for its own protection, this shall not constitute a guarantee or a legal claim of the customer for proper performance.

4. Costs

4.1 Subscription and user fees

Monthly subscription fees apply depending on the product edition. In selected constellations, additional storage space can be subscribed for a fee.

Data transmission costs may be incurred when accessing the application. Whether and to what extent such costs are incurred depends on the underlying connection that enables data transmission. Roaming costs are to be expected when using the application abroad.

4.2 Means of payment

The subscription fees can be paid via various payment options, e.g. by Paypal and credit card. The customer must provide the relevant details when ordering. It is not possible to pay the subscription fees in any other way.

In the event of changes to his credit card, the customer is obliged to update the relevant details online at Until Linuxfabrik has successfully verified the updated information, the customer's services may be restricted. Failure to update the information or an unsuccessful verification may result in amounts due not being debited and default occurring (Section 4.4.).

4.3 Start of payment obligation, change

The payment obligation begins on the order date of the product edition for which payment is due. In the event of a change to a higher-value product edition, the new fee shall take effect immediately after the order is placed. In the event of a change to a lower-priced product edition, the fee will be adjusted at the end of the current billing period.

4.4 Delay

In the event of late payment or unsuccessful charging, e.g. of the credit card, Linuxfabrik reserves the right, in addition to the measures provided for in the GTC, to downgrade the product edition selected by the customer to the basic edition, to terminate or restrict access to the stored content, to delete content stored by the customer or to terminate his account.

5. Data Protection

  • General:
    "Nextcloud for Individual Use" backs up the uploaded files exclusively in Switzerland. Files are transferred to the Linuxfabrik servers in encrypted form. Neither the content nor customer data is made available to third-party companies. Linuxfabrik does not collect any anonymous usage data.
    The customer acknowledges that Linuxfabrik may be forced to grant access to its files and disclose personal data at the request of an authority.

  • Sharing a link:
    The customer acknowledges that he is solely responsible for sharing content. He can deactivate the link at any time and cancel the release.

6. Exceptional Use

"Nextcloud for Individual Use" applies to normal personal use, in particular for photos, video clips and files. If the use deviates significantly from normal personal use, Linuxfabrik reserves the right to discontinue or restrict the provision of services at any time or to take other appropriate measures. Possible measures include in particular

  • Limitation of the monthly uploadable file size
  • Limitation of the upload file size
  • Exclusion of certain file types for uploading
  • Temporary deactivation of the account.

Affected users will be informed of these measures.

7. Abuse

Linuxfabrik shall take various measures to prevent or detect misuse. If a customer damages or endangers the service, the facilities of a third party or of Linuxfabrik, or if there are signs of illegal or non-contractual behavior, Linuxfabrik may require the customer to use the service in accordance with the law and the contract (the procedure corresponds analogously to the notice and takedown procedure from the Code of Conduct Hosting of SIMSA), change, restrict or discontinue the provision of its services without prior notice and without compensation, terminate the contract without notice and without compensation, block the account immediately, prevent the uploading of illegal files and take other measures and, if necessary, demand compensation and indemnification against third-party claims.

8. Start, Duration and Termination

8.1 Start and duration

The contract comes into effect with the first use by the customer and runs indefinitely.

8.2 Cancellation of a paid edition / change of edition

The customer can change the selected product edition at If the customer wishes to cancel a paid edition and change to another edition, the downgrade shall take place at the end of the billing period. Clause 4.3 applies with regard to fees and clause 2.4 with regard to storage volume.

8.3 Termination of "Nextcloud for Individual Use" with deletion of the account

Either party may terminate the contract at any time at the end of an invoicing period without compensation. Any minimum subscription periods agreed at the time of ordering remain reserved.

After termination of the contract, the account and the data will be deleted.

Last Update 2023-12