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Graylog Operations and Graylog Security

Graylog Operations is a centralized log management solution for IT operations and DevOps teams based on Graylog Open. Graylog Operations is designed to maximize system uptime, alert to problems and outages, increase productivity, and meet data retention requirements for large teams and complex situations.

Graylog Security delivers all the promise of a traditional SIEM without the complexity, alert fatigue and high cost. Built on the Graylog platform, Graylog Security frees up cybersecurity staff, improves overall security posture and reduces risk. Technical support from Graylog is included.

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Threat Detection & Response Solutions - Pricing

Graylog Operations

Starting at 15'000 $ per year (10 GB per day)

Graylog Security

Starting at 18'600 $ per year (10 GB per day)

Questions? We are happy to answer them.

Q: How do I pay?

A: The license fee must be paid in advance.

Q: What tiers do you offer?

A: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 GB per day. Other volumes on request.

Q: How does the support work?

A: A license includes technical support for Graylog directly from Graylog, so it cannot and does not need to be ordered separately. Companies using Graylog Open are not eligible for Graylog support. The operating system and other components are not supported by Graylog.

Q: Can I get a trial license? If so, how long is it valid?

For POCs we can arrange a free trial license. It is valid for 14 days.