Collabora Subscriptions

For Collabora Office, Collabora Online, Collabora Online Lite and Level 3 Support Packages

Collabora Subscriptions

Need a Collabora subscription? As a long-time Collabora partner, we are happy to help you.

We can offer you subscriptions for the following products:

  • Collabora Online
  • Collabora Office
    Optional Level 3 Support Package
  • Collabora Online Lite

Collabora Online and Collabora Office are billed monthly or annually per user. Special conditions are available for non-profit/NGO and educational institutions. Prices are valid for one year. More details are available directly from Collabora.


Pricing Example

The price of a Collabora subscription is multiplied by the number of users. In order to provide you with a quote, we need to know the number of planned users, the desired subscription and optionally the desired level 3 support package (Bronze, Silver or Gold) for Collabora Office.

Example for Collabora Office, 25 users, annual subscription, without Level 3 Support:

TOTAL: 25 x 20.80 EUR/year = 520 EUR/year

For non-profit/NGO, schools and universities we can offer discounted prices.