Icinga Subscriptions

Repo-, Developer- and Support-
Subscriptions for Icinga

Icinga Subscriptions

Need an Icinga Subscription? As an Icinga Premium Partner we are happy to help you. The following Icinga subscriptions are available from us:

  • Icinga Developer Subscription
  • Icinga Repository Subscription
  • Icinga Support Subscription

With an Icinga Developer Subscription or Icinga Repository Subscription you get access to the Icinga repository server to install Icinga and its components via rpm packages on RHEL 8+ and compatible systems. An Icinga Support Subscription provides 3rd level support from Icinga GmbH.


Questions? We are happy to answer them.

Q: From how many hosts is an Icinga Repository Subscription mandatory?

A: The free Icinga Developer Subscription is sufficient for up to 20 hosts running RHEL or compatible OS and Icinga. After the 21st host, an Icinga Repository Subscription is required.

Q: Is this possible without a subscription?

A: If you are using RHEL 8+ and compatible or rpm-based distributions such as SLES, you will need one of the two subscriptions – otherwise you will not be able to get rpm packages.

Q: How do you charge? Per Master or how exactly does it look like?

A: An Icinga Repository Subscription is independent of the number of Icinga Agents.

Q: With an Icinga Support Subscription, the number of servers is limited. How is an Icinga Server defined?

A: The definition of an "Icinga Server" includes both satellite and centrally managed Icinga Server components. For example: An Icinga Master consisting of 2 nodes (high availability setup) with 2 additional Satellites (i.e. 2 nodes each) results in 6 Icinga Servers (2 Master nodes + 4 Satellite nodes = 6 "Icinga Servers").

Q: How long does the Repository Subscription last?

A: The Icinga Repository Subscription is for one year.

Q: How is this solved technically?

A: Technically, you will be given credentials that you add to your .repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/.

Q: How much does an Icinga Repository Subscription cost?

A: We are happy to provide you with a quote. Just contact us.

Q: How do I get an Icinga subscription of any kind?

A: Just contact us.

Q: Do you have more information?

A: Here are some links: