Trainings from Linux Specialists

Hands-on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Training

The Linuxfabrik offers a comprehensive training course on RHEL-compatible systems that focuses on the most important aspects of system administration. The course teaches skills for accessing and supporting systems, navigating file systems, and managing local users and groups. Special emphasis is placed on controlling file access, managing SELinux security, and optimizing system performance. Other topics include installing and updating software packages, network management, and working with various log sources.


The following topics may be covered as part of the training:

  • Accessing Systems and Obtaining Support
  • Navigating File Systems
  • Managing Local Users and Groups
  • Controlling Access to Files
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Tuning System Performance
  • Installing and Updating Software Packages
  • Managing Basic Storage
  • Controlling Services and the Boot Process
  • Managing Networking
  • Analyzing and Storing Logs
  • Implementing Advanced Storage Features
  • Scheduling Future Tasks
  • Accessing Network-Attached Storage
  • Managing Network Security
  • Running Containers

Applications (Apache, MariaDB, Icinga etc.) are excluded from this training.


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Markus Frei, Linuxfabrik

Course Duration and Prices

The course is charged on a time and material basis and per participant as part of your Service Contract. The more experience you have, the cheaper, shorter and more dynamic the course will be.

  • Without service contract: 240 CHF/h per participant
  • With Bronze Service Contract: 180 CHF/h per participant
  • With Silver Service Contract: 170 CHF/h per participant
  • With Gold Service Contract: 160 CHF/h per participant

For each additional participant on your team, you will receive a discount on the total price:

  • Two: 5% discount
  • Three: 10% discount
  • Four: 15% discount
  • Five: 20% discount
  • Six or more colleagues: 25% discount

Recommended duration: 32 hours

Course Format

  • Online training (remote)
  • In-house training (at your site)

Target Audience

This course is designed for network administrators, Windows and other system administrators who want to enhance their skills, support team members, and Linux system administrators.

Why RHEL and compatible?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a robust and reliable platform that provides enterprises with a stable foundation for their IT infrastructure. Backed by world-class support and regular updates, RHEL ensures high availability and security for mission-critical applications and workloads. In addition, RHEL's scalability allows organizations to flexibly adapt their systems to growing needs and ensure efficient use of resources.


Basic technical skills with computer applications on various operating systems should be available.

Registration and More Information

  • The training is conducted in German.
  • We do not provide any training materials.
  • We conduct the training in and with your environment.

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