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Blog: Switched from RST to WordPress

Now our blog is also WordPress-based: For almost 18 months we maintained our blog via RST, and finally has moved to

In mid-2020, we started with the idea of maintaining all content within the company uniformly via reStructured Text. The goal: to be able to reuse content blocks, implement automatisms, having a basis for all output formats, etc. This also applied to the blog, which was converted in August 2020.

Over the months, it turned out that the blog doesn’t benefit from this at all – its focus is simply not on technical documentation like, for example, or our internal wiki. Worse, none of the various ABlog themes we tried really worked well.

Since our website also runs on WordPress, and WP is blog software in its origin, we just switched again. We think: it really looks better.

And by the way, the website is now also bilingual.

Until the next rebuild. 🙂