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Our FOSS projects have moved to GitHub

As you know, our software developments are all open source (FOSS) and released under the Unlicense, but were previously hosted on our self-hosted GitLab server. While the idea of running our own GitLab server was initially appealing, it also has serious drawbacks in terms of FOSS. The community on our GitLab server is too small, as the inhibition to create an account there is too high – even with GitHub account integration. So for many it was not so convenient to contribute to our projects. On top of that, Google values GitHub entries much higher, even if the GitHub repos are forked versions of the original repos from our GitLab server.

Therefore, we have started to move all source codes, issues and releases of our open source projects to GitHub, where everyone can contribute. Currently, the following projects have been successfully migrated:

More will follow.

And our GitLab server? Of course we still love it. It will take care of our private repos and issues, as usual 😉