LFOps – The Ansible Collection of Linuxfabrik is available on GitHub

ansible datacenter lfops

LFOps is now also available on GitHub: LFOps is a collection of roles, playbooks, modules, and plugins for Ansible that we use to maintain cloud infrastructures in an automated way. The Ansible Collection can be installed as such and is also available on Ansible Galaxy.

Unlike our Monitoring Plugins for Nagios, Icinga and other monitoring systems, we did not simply migrate here, but took the move to GitHub as an opportunity to standardize role by role according to our latest Ansible Development Guidelines. In addition, we have oriented ourselves to DebOps and the RHEL / Linux System Roles.

The current range of functions:

  • Analogous to DepOps, we deliver one playbook per application.
  • First roles to follow the new Development Guidelines are Duplicity, Monitoring Plugins, Python venv and EPEL-Repo – all with detailed README.
  • Under the hood, a lookup plugin for Bitwarden items and two Ansible modules for Bitwarden items and GPG keys are available as of today. Nice: Via Ansible module_utils plugins and modules share common source code.

We will continue to work hard on LFOps in the coming weeks and months: Currently, more than 100 roles are waiting to be migrated. We will keep you up to date. 🙂

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