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Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Release 2022030201

  • This primarily bugfixing release offers more than 130 plugins, 100 of which can be executed as EXE files under Windows.
  • As always, there are also new checks, including for the Windows DHCP Server service, Huawei OceanStor Dorado storage systems, and Redfish-based BMCs.
  • There are new notification plugins for email and Zoom.
  • The plugins compiled for Windows are no longer available in Git, but on for installation.
  • You can now support the development via GitHub Sponsors.

The new version of our Python-based monitoring plugins collection for Icinga and other Nagios-compatible monitoring systems is now available for download on GitHub.

Due to the move to GitHub there are two English release notes this time:

As always, just use the latest release.